Mme Zaccaria

After having worked for 17 years in Luxemburg in the financial sector, I have decided to steer my career towards my true values which are the family and children. Indeed, the post that I occupied allowed me to acquire experience in various fields such as accounting, budgets, projects and management but these did not contribute towards my professional fulfillment. This is why I left this job and decided to study for an infancy and early childhood vocational education certificate that I passed with success.

The idea of creating my own micro-nursery came to me more than 5 years ago. During the last 5 years, I have studied all the regulations concerning this domain and have progressively implemented the administrative, financial, human and logistic aspects to be able today to present you my bilingual micro-nursery

Les p’tits French’y

in the town of



I am myself the mother of two children and I am fully aware of the problems of child care.
I share with you the feeling that it is important to be able to go to work (often for a long day) knowing that your child has been entrusted to a team of professionals who will focus on the needs of your child and help him or her to learn and especially ensure his or her wellbeing.

It is therefore quite naturally that I wish to place all my experience and my devotion at the service of young children and families.

For me, working with and for children is more than a profession, it is a veritable passion.

Pina Zaccaria